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Operating a successful business in the fast growing and rapidly changing cannabis marketplace isn’t easy. With ultra-stringent regulations, licensing requirements and tax issues, it’s almost a full time job just to manage these basic requirements. Then, of course, the entrepreneur also needs to run a growing and successful business.
We are here to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses into something special. We provide financial and administrative tools and outsourced workforce to support your business operations so you can concentrate on the growth aspects of you business.
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A growing market

Forbes Magazine estimates the legal North American cannabis market generated $6.7 billion in revenues during 2016, which represents annual growth in excess of 30%. However, the total market in North American is even larger. As more and more jurisdictions legalize both medical and recreational usage, the legal market is expected to boom over the coming years. Investment bank, Cowen & Company estimates this market to reach over $50 billion annually by 2026. This level of growth compares very favorably to, or even exceeds, the growth of the Internet and personal computers in the 1990’s.

We are here to make sure of partners gain a piece of the dynamic cannabis market.

Clearly, the cannabis industry has become a legitimate economic resource, and has rapidly become the largest growing market in North America. As entrepreneurs, we recognize the growing pains of a fresh market, so we've crafted as smarter approach facilitate healthy growth in the modern Cannabis market.

Of course, the huge growth is expected to be a significant creator of jobs. In fact, research firm New Frontier Data estimates the legal cannabis space will create more than a quarter of a million new jobs by 2020. That’s more than the entire manufacturing sector is expect to create with only just over 800,000 expected.


Our vision is simple, help cannabis entrepreneurs grow their business operations.

We want to diversify and support entrepreneur growth in the cannabis industry. From small business launches to corporate dreams, we'll help you plant it and watch it grow. Our outsourced personnel solutions can be tailor made to meet your growth dynamics and our financing solutions offer new or growing cannabis venture increased flexibility to apply limited corporate funds to the areas where the entrepreneur needs to focus.

Recruiting & Staffing

We provide qualified employees for your business, so you can focus on growing your operations and generating revenue. Our services include temporary, seasonal and permanent staffing, payroll processing, benefits administration, professional employment organization services, and consulting services.

Industry Experience


Tools for planting

Leverage our services to successfully grow your business into what you envisioned. Our team of experts will give you the tools to lay the foundation of your business with support in Recruiting your dream team.

Recruiting & Staffing

Assemble your help, from seasonal trimmers, warehouse workers, to your administrative team.

Industry Experience

We provide an experience team of experts in ther respective industries, the resources you need to grow


Cannabis Strategic Ventures

Cannabis Strategic Ventures is a publicly traded company on OTC PINK under the stock ticker CSCE. For Investor Relations contact: info@cannabisstrategic.com

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