It’s not just cannabis

It’s Cannabis Strategic Ventures


We’re an organization that incubates, develops, and partners with category leaders within the cannabis sector.


To shape the cannabis industry’s future
by striving for constant evolution in
products, places, and people.


Let’s throw the buzz words out the window, this industry isn’t hot, trendy, or in a word, dope. This is cannabis. It’s timely. It’s real. And we (all) mean business. At Cannabis Strategic Ventures, our investors are enthusiastic, our brands are category leaders, and our team is passionate about cultivating people, product, and experiences.

Opportunity drew Cannabis Strategic Ventures to the space, and we were delighted to discover how many opportunities there were: the opportunity to bring investment to individuals with or without access, the opportunity to provide an elevated quality of life, the opportunity to strengthen the global economy, the opportunity to infuse the industry with NUGS.

We’ve built and tested a model that works to give you the tools you need. Through NUGS, we want to lead the way in defining industry best practices for innovation, brand development, and product quality, as well for implementing the backbone of operational infrastructure.

Whether you’re a passionate pioneer or an intrigued investor – you can expect us to be:

Honest and Approachable.

Efficient and Nimble.

Hungry and Professional.

Creative and Knowledgeable.

Sexy and Reliable.

Stylish and Educational.

Why Grow With Us

Rapid Growth

We provide investors with direct access to high-performing investment brands and direct access to a portfolio of vetted companies/brands poised for rapid growth and deep market penetration.

Top Visibility

We give our brands top visibility in their categories, and strive to produce the highest quality product, consistently.

Strategic Partnerships

We are at the intersection of corporate and culture, leading with content and innovation. By investing in people, engaging in high-profile strategic partnerships, and a operating a sustainable branding model, we will shape the Cannabis Industry’s future.



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